Sales and Marketing go together like birds of a feather

Mar 15, 18 Sales and Marketing go together like birds of a feather

What we produce we must sell and deliver this plays a very important role in ensuring the success of any business.

So if you do not have a good marketing approach or plan then it would be impossible to self or target your prospective customers. Marketing makes the potential customer aware of the features of a product or service.

Therefore based on the fact, that large firms spend a lot on advertising and marketing (about 10% of turnover) it’s pretty important for them to identify customers and then be able ensure that the customer to identifies with the product or service.

Normally small businesses lack the resources for huge advertisement campaigns so often they face the problem of going out of business say in the first 1- 2 years, quite simply because they just can’t create the traffic of regular buyers to get their products and services paid for i.e. No buyers then No business!

However there are ways of using Small business marketing that doe not always cost the earth and are good to increase declining sales.

Small Business Creative Marketing Ideas – Online Marketing and Sales

Quite simply the best way forward would depend on the type of the product or service, but these days’ small businesses can and do get massive advantages by using the web for advertising as well as sales.

However the success of internet marketing depends on the kind of products that people choose to buy online.

Typically the products that have a good online market can be listed under the following heading: books, music, electronic goods and software.

Research shows that Books, music and movies have a market share of 35%. Software has a market share of 30% while the remaining 15% goes to electronic goods.

So if your business model involves the production and sale of any of these items you would be better off selling online. Therefore perhaps its best to focus on online marketing.

Small targeted websites not only allow small entrepreneurs to sell online but also allows customers to provide seller ratings. This feedback is very important and helps in sales as well as marketing.

Advertising is possible since potential customers get to read about the features and reviews and new customers can identify a conscientious seller. (As with the E-bays star system)

It’s not that difficult for a seller to write a short article about himself on some of these online sale sites and this will help the buyer and the seller to understand each others needs.

Normally sellers create a seller account with these websites for a nominal subscription (as with EBay or Amazon) this can also help them in creating blogs and social networking sites such as we do here for creative marketing ideas.

Using local Community Services can be a good way

Web-based marketing reaches many walks of life it offers such variety as diverse as selling cakes, flowers and other perishable items. Generally items sold locally need to be fresh of course so it fits the bill to promote and supply to local stores.

This is very useful in say community service centres. Small businesses can even sponsor charity events in order to build goodwill and a sense of kinship.

They are often an important platform for advertising together with building personal relationships and should not be over looked in getting your name around.

Never over look the power of the human referral and this might even result in a noteworthy mention in the local newspaper, and will serve as a sure shot way in increasing sales. Good marketing or deeds done must never be overlooked.

People often buy through their Emotions

If you only focus on the sale you will miss the experience of understanding what makes people buy this is where focusing on emotions plays the biggest role in the mindset and is true for both sales as well as marketing.

So hopefully you can now see why Marketing a product or service does not have to be costly and every small business should focus on this strategy to promote their business.

Always give the prospective customer the chance to buy and spend less time on the selling and if we were to give a percentage it should be allowing about 80% of the questions from the buyer and 20% answers from the seller, that’s what makes a good sales person.

These can also help achieve the twin objectives of marketing and building awareness and sales so have a good day now we hope you enjoyed this article from creative marketing ideas.

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