Double Opt-In is Overrated

Sep 19, 17 Double Opt-In is Overrated

Double Opt-In is Overrated

Yes, all of these reasons for using double opt-in are true. However, if you only use double opt-in, then you potentially miss out on a wealth of profits from all those people who didn’t want to bother taking the annoying step of confirming their email.

While I agree that double opt-in is the best industry practice, here are the reasons that I think double opt-in is overrated.

Double Opt-In Makes a Bad First Impression

Your email marketing subscribers signed up to your list because they expect to receive something of value (promotions, whitepapers, information…). So, you can imagine their dismay when the very first email you send them contains nothing of value. True, the confirmation email doesn’t count as the first real marketing email – but it is still going to make a bad impression. Considering the bad impression, it is no wonder that so many subscribers fail to confirm their emails.

You Need Visitors to Stay At Your Website

Getting visitors to stick to your website is not an easy task. If you got a visitor to sign up for your email list, then you’ve probably got a very sticky website that is full of valuable information for the new subscriber. Why would you want to ruin visitors’ experience by requiring them to leave your website to confirm their email? As you probably realize, people have particularly short attention spans when they are online. Once subscribers leave your website, they could easily get distracted by something else (like all the other emails in their inbox!) and never return to your website.

You Lose Money

It takes time, effort and money to get visitors to sign up to your email list. But, it is all worth it if these subscribers ultimately get converted into sales (or whatever it is that you want from them). When you exclude single opt-in subscribers from your list, then you are losing 1) the resources you used to get the signups and 2) future profits.

Yes, double opt-in subscribers are more responsive than single opt-in subscribers. Mail Chimp even has a nice bar graph showing their responsiveness. This makes sense because anyone who puts forth the effort to sign up to your email list twice must be really excited about it and thus more likely to respond. But, as you can see, even single opt-in subscribers are responsive.

A single opt-in email list can be just as profitable as a double opt-in list so long as you keep your list clean.

But What about Spam Complaints?

Okay, I understand the concern about this issue. However, unless your email account has been flagged as a spammer, then the slightly higher number of complaints you get from having a single opt-in instead of a double opt-in list won’t really matter (double opt-in email lists get spam complaints too!). If you are really worried about spam complaints, then be clearer during the opt-in process about what your subscribers are going to receive.


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